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Trophy Care Tips:
In order to make your trophy have the best chance to keep that life like look here are some tips on field care and preparation.
Two of the main elements that work against the preservation of your trophy is HEAT and WATER. After you kill your trophy please do your best to keep it dry and as cold as possible. Make sure you take photographs of your trophy because they can be helpful to your taxidermist but the quicker you can get your trophy to the freezer or the taxidermist the better off you are. When putting it in the freezer try to fold the cape (large game) under the head and put it in plastic bags. If your hide gets bloody during the kill or while cleaning it do not worry about washing the blood off, I will take care of that in the shop.
Large Game: When skinning your animal hang it from it's back legs if at all possible. Hanging it with a rope around it's neck or horns can cause damage to the hide or antlers. As you skin down the body do not make any more vertical cuts once you get to where the ribs connect at the breast bone. You can make a horizontal cut around the cape at this point and throw the back part of the hide away unless you have another use for it. From this point you need to "tube" the hide out the rest of the way. On the front legs cut around the knee, cut the leg off at the knee and finish tubing the cape down the chest and off the legs. If you feel like you must cut the legs, make a straight cut along the back side of the leg where the brown and white hair meet but you should not have to do this. When you get to the neck stop skinning about 6 inches from the base of the skull and cut the neck off there. If you wish to keep the meat from the neck that you left under the hide just let me know and I will be happy to take care of it and call you as soon as it is removed. Do not add salt to any part of the hide.
Small Game, Birds: Do not try to clean any of these. Just keep them dry and cold and get them in the freezer as fast as possible. *At anytime you want the meat from your game, just let me know and I will be happy to take extra preparations to save and preserve the meat for you.
Fish: With a fish just keep it as cold as you can before you put it in the freezer.  You do not want to dry your fish before your freeze it.  Do not clean it, If possible wrap it in a damp towel with the fins against the body (except the tail, make sure it is laying flat) and freeze the fish like this laying flat.  Do not wrap it in news paper or anything else that will absorb water because this will speed up freezer burn.  If you want to release the fish but you want a replica mount, take the following measurements; A- Length of fish from tip of closed mouth to tip of tail B-Length of fish from center point of eye to the base of body where tail begins, C-Length of body from back of gill plate to the base of body where tail begins, D- Girth in the tallest potion of body (measure with the dorsal fin compressed), and take many photographs if possible before releasing the fish.

Out of state Deer:
Deer coming from states that have had confirmed cases of CWD must be in the following condition for it to be legally brought into North Carolina.
1- Deer must have all hide removed from the skull (fully caped)
2- Antler cap must be cleaned and wrapped in paper bag and duck tape
3- All parts of carcass must be discarded prior to entering NC

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or text, please educate yourself on the law if you plan to hunt out of state.  You do not want / need to take the chance of getting into trouble and possibly loosing your trophy.
Here are some links that I recommend:
NC Wildlife:      
National Wild Turkey
I am located in Thomasville, NC, just a few miles away from I-85.  Pick up and delivery is available depending on location.
When you bring me your animal I will need to collect the following information from you; Name & address, telephone number, date of kill/catch (as close as you can remember) and county where the kill/catch was taken. This is information that I need to have if my shop is checked by the state. If you do not wish to provide this information to me or you did not legally take your animal please do not bring it to me. I am an honest, law honoring person and do not want to risk my name or my families well being for an illegal animal.
Telephone:  336-689-6232
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