Real Deal Taxidermy - Quality taxidermy for a "Real Deal."
Large Game Shoulder Mounts: ($100 Deposit on all shoulder mounts except Elk, Elk is $250)
          Whitetail:  Regular $320
                                Wall Pedestal $375
                                Table Pedestal $375
                                *Other specialty poses quoted upon request
          Mule Deer: Regular $375
                                 Wall Pedestal $425
                                 Table Pedestal $425
          Elk:  Regular $650
                    Wall Pedestal $700
                    Floor Pedestal $700
                    90° Turn $700
          Sheep:  Regular $375
                          Wall Pedestal $400
                           Table Pedestal $400
          Antelope: Regular $325
                               Wall Pedestal $375
                               Table Pedestal $375
          Bear:  Shoulder $425
                      1/2 lifesize (shoulder mount w/ front legs) $500 & up (depends on size of bear, final quote after size determined.  $200 deposit)
          Boar:  Regular $375
                      Wall Pedestal $380
          *Add $120 for open mouth on Deer, Elk, Sheep, Boar & Bear
          *Wood panel behind mount: Cost of panel only
Large Game Lifesize Mounts:  ($1/2 of balance deposit)
          Deer: Mature - $2000 & up, pose depending
                      Fawn $1000 & up, pose depending
          Bear: $350 per linear foot
                      *Add $120 for open mouth
European Mounts: ($30 Deposit)
          Deer & Bear  $60
          Elk $120
          Small Game  $50
          *Bases not included, charge is just what it costs to buy                              
Small Game Shoulder Mounts: ($100 Deposit)
           Bobcat $225
          Coyote $225
          Fox $225
          Raccoon $225
          *Add $100 for open mouth. Habitat not included
Small Game Table Pedestals: ($100 Deposit)
         Bobcat $275
         Coyote $275
         Fox $275
         Raccoon $275
         *Add $100 for open mouths
Small Game Lifesize Mounts: ($150 Deposit)
          Bobcat $400
          Coyote $425
          Fox $400
          Groundhog $300
          Rabbit $250
          Raccoon $300
          Squirrel $160
          *Add $100 for open mouths, Habitat not included except on climbing    
           squirrel. A basic piece of barn board or driftwood will be provided for this pose.
Birds: ($120 deposit for turkey, $60 for others)
          Turkey: Strutting or Gobbling $425
                           Standing $400
                           Flying $400
                           Breast $200
                           Fan $75
                           Fan/Wing: $80
          Ducks $175
          Pheasant $200
          Quail $160
          Goose $300
          *Small piece of driftwood is supplied
Fish: Not taking fish at this time
Novelty Mounts: (1/2 balance Deposit)
          Antler Plaque: $70  
          Small Game Rug: $150
                        With Shell $250
                         *Add $100 for open mouth
          Deer rug $150
          Bear Rug (no felt): $70 per linear foot
                   With Shell add $130
                   *Add $120 for open mouth
                   *Felt backing: $70 per linear foot
                   *Prices are for caped animals, add $250 if you bring me whole bear
          Deer Foot Lamp:  $75
                                               *Add $27 for shade
          Deer Foot Gun Rack: $60
*Active / Retired Military and First Responders receive 10% Discount
*Felt backing on all rugs is priced per linear foot.
*All habitats ordered commercially: $ Cost of habitat
*Antler repair: $30 per inch
*Wood burning engraving available on certain items: $.25 per letter
*For other type mounts please call
*Habitats: I make several of my own for purchase,  you can bring your own or purchase one commercially or we can work together to custom make one.
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